04.28.11 Why+the+Wires has a new record coming out on Angry Mom Records MAY 14th called TELEGRAPH FLATS. And are touring throughout May to support it. check out the dates here. You can also order the new record on the order page by clicking up top. In other news the 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Habit Forming Records is fast approching (2012). There is talk of a special 10 year Habit comp record in the works. We'll see if that pans out.

07.24.09 Why+the+Wires has a new record coming out AUGUST 1st on gray Vinyl. 8 songs of pure pleasure. Please pick up a copy on the order page. They are also embarking on a 2 week tour to follow the release of the record. They will be hitting a town near you playing with friends, making great food, and hopefully swimming a lot. Come see them!

10.30.08 HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I guess there hasn't been much to talk about lately, well that is about to change. A new band has formed from the ashes of Idatel (and what sweet ashes they are) with members of idatel and 1800 and froze to Death joining forces to become why+the+wires with our friend Chris on drums from Black Arrows. Stay tuned for more news as it develops. Thanks.

01.03.07 HAPPY NEW YEAR! The idatel records is complete. Click HERE to order one. You have to mail me your check or cash like in the olden days. It's only $9.00 including shipping for a red Vinyl Record. How can you go wrong? Be the first to have one on your block!

12.07.06 The year long Idatel record project is almost to an end. The Wax is at the pressing plant and the Record covers are at Arnold Printing. Idatel's first record "NEW UNIFORM" should be finished and assembled in time to go under your tree.

10.25.05 New website and logo! What do you think? Hopefully Idatel is recording in Jan. and putting out a record in the spring. Also, word is 1000 year plan are mixing something. It could be two more years for that to hit wax.

10.22.04 whoops! I guess it has been awhile. Thanks to Jim for the Positive feedback on the messageboard. Keep it coming. New Band Idatel to check out.

02.04. 03 Happy New Year again. Storm and Collar has become Sleigh Lions and are playing their first show in a few weeks. also there is some talk of 1000 year plan and Sleigh Lions Split CD. More on that later.

11.21.03 After a summer and fall break we will be back soon. The Horns release Habit 02 at the end of the Summer. Pick it up on the order page. 10 songs $4. A new band has formed out of the Horns called Storm and Collar that should be playing soon, also 1000 year plan has a new drummer and is getting going. Look for a new Vox Humana CD in the Spring.

05.13.03 A new band, VOX HUMANA has joined our ranks. They are from Buffalo, NY. Check them out on the band page. They will also be going on tour with the Horns in the first two weeks of July. Check them out and lend a hand.

10.04.02 A new band has joined the ranks of Habitforming records. The Horns, I play drums and accordion with them. Check out our website link in the bands section, also we are looking to start playing shows so email me if you want us to play. Thanks, and check out the mp3s.

08.15.02 Wow, it has been a while. I recently moved to Ithaca, so the website and label haven't been top priority. I do have some new ideas to work on though. As far as bands go 18 hundred has borken up, but two members continue on as "the hardest math problem". They have also started a studio, so look for something from them soon.

04.03.02 the new MISSION part has been added as a place for links and thoughts. Thanks to everyone that has checked out the site so far and given me thoughts about it. Stay in touch.

03.22.02 This is the start of Habit Forming Records. This website is the first version.I did it kind of fast so I'm sure I'll be changing it from time to time. This is the section where all the shows and tours will be posted. Habit Forming is putting out the new full length for eighteen hundred in the summer sometime and then a tour to follow in the fall. Some other prospective bands are in the works, but nothing official. If there are any bands looking for a small label to get started on, please send us a recording, and any shows you may be playing in the area. I'll have mp3's, photos and a ton of crap up when I get the chance. Thanks for checkin' us out.