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eighteen hundred and froze to death

an obscure phrase referring to 1816, new englands worst crop year, formed in 1997 and has spent the better part of the past three years recording and playing shows in upstate new york. Their first full-length release, entitled the last staple in this paper coffin was released in april 2000 on red elephant records. In may the band embarked on their first tour (appropriately titled camPAIgN 2000).

eschewing standard pop song structure in favor of something more fragmented and jarring (yet still melodic) eighteen hundred and froze to death create intricate, angular music that strips apart typical rock conventions and exploits them at the same time. eighteen hundred and froze to death is joe kepic-guitar, dave nutt-vocals/guitar, tom yagielski-bass, john blanchard-drums

Their first release on Habit Forming Records/red elephant is a split between them and a band from ontario: Mach Tiver. Check out the order page for more info.